If it’s true that they’re homemade frenchies, how come they all are the same size?

We manually cut the potatoes with a mega professional cutting blade - that we got from Mickey’s country. Potatoes passing in a grating made out of super thin blades, the fries are the same size.


What’s dry-aged meat exactly? Cause it sounds a bit scary...

Dry-Aged is an important step to the development of an exceptional meat. It is about getting the meat « stale » for a couple of weeks in a cold room, controlling carefully temperature, low humidity and ventilation. This process makes the meat tender and enables flavours to be revealed.


Is there any way I can get the waitress/waiter’s phone number?

We let you ask :)


It’s been 15 endless minutes since I was waiting for my burger, what the f*** are you doing?

Every thing is prepared in an instant, no steaks nor French fries are made in advance. Unfortunately it takes a bit more time, but we think it is for the best.

228 ceiling light bulbs, a bar in the very middle of the restaurant with its 70 neon lights, another pink and blue restaurant.... isn’t that too much?!

We believe what’s make a good restaurant is a good plate but also a good place. Our architects were inspired, and we encouraged them to be. As long as it’s not too expensive, we say yes!

Yoooo isn’t that a bit expensive for a burger?!

If there is one thing on which we’d remain inflexible, it’d be on the ingredients quality. We could buy vacuum-packed ground steak, use frozen breads, already cut potatoes, pay our employees like sh** and lower the prices... but that’s not much of our thing.

Sri Lankan people in kitchen and white dudes as waiters. Are you racists or what?

Our first idea with Graffi, the PNY co-founder, was to avoid that. The question was even more important since Graffi is Sri Lakan! But we quickly realise that no white people wanted to work in kitchen and that sri lankan didn’t want to work as waiter. Why? That’s just the way it is.
As a result, we only have tamoul speaking Sri Lankan in kitchen and young dudes coming from the same brunch. Everyone understands each other, there is no comparaison : the atmosphere is great! What matters the most is everyone having a good time, right?

PNY is a restaurant chain, right?

You call us a chain? Impossible. Well, of course, we do have a couple of spots, but does it make us a chain? We always thought that being a chain represented a state of mind - a state of mind that isn’t ours. Obviously, we need our restaurants to be profitable but that’s not what obsesses us. We’re obsessed by you loving our burgers. If you do, you’ll come back and if you come back everything will be fine, let’s hope for the best!

Don’t you find it selfish not to give a part of your profits to any charity?

We don’t give money to charities. We’re in the know that there’re already a lot to do with our business’ daily life. We try to create gratifying, stimulating and well-paid jobs, and we take time to help the ones whose path haven’t essentially been easy.

During off-peak hours, roof less people can enjoy from the basic services in each PNY restaurant. Taking a glass of water, refreshing in the bathrooms, warming up, chatting a bit drinking coffee... All that thanks to the great « Le Carillon » association! #spreadthelove

Can I go into the dumbwaiter to frighten the cookers ?